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Recruitment Challenges in Logistics Industry

  • Performance and operating conflicts within the organizations due to inability to hire ‘right-fit’ candidates

  • Cultural part of the ‘right-fit’ gets ignored resulting in aftershocks

  • Rear-View Recruitments – how the job looked in the past not how it will look in the future 

  • Job-hopping is a fashionable way of career development, not the investment in acquiring new competencies

  • Well-made CV gets recruited not the candidate


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  • 87% job failures are due to personality conflicts between organization and talent.

  • 56% of employees are actively disengaged from their work and organization

  • Attainment of right fit is typically only 15% , 85% of managers would like to reconsider their decision after one year 

  • Most companies hire high performers only 25% of the time.

  • Mckinsey Survey – image of HR is mediocre – in eyes of Line Managers



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